Carrie Nelson and Jon Spurlock were married at Carrie’s parent’s rice farm in Pleasant Grove, California north of Sacramento. Despite the bugs the outdoor ceremony was beautiful and the recpetion was held in a cleaned up barn with the dance floor out on the back lawn under a full moon. The venue looked fantastic after the hard work of event planner Sasha Souza and Got Light?. Thank you Cheryl for coming up from LA to help me shoot!

For a slide show click below or here.

  1. Sasha Souza said:
    Paul -- I just loved meeting you. So professional, so fun! I can't wait to see all the art, the images you've shared here are amazing.
    June 8, 2009  8:58 pm
  2. It's wonderful to relive that day. it was such a beautiful wedding. It was a real pleasure to work with and meet you all.

    Cheryl Kaufman
    June 11, 2009  2:54 am

My good friends Tina and Stevo were married on a stunning day in rural New England.

For a slideshow click on the image below or click here for a version to share.

  1. jo steck said:
    Incredible, Paulie! Tina's a beautiful bride. These are truly heart -felt. Thanks for letting me take a look! I so miss your images...
    June 1, 2009  6:28 pm
  2. Susan said:
    Stunning, Paulo! Tina is radiant! These are amazing images for them to have -- what a great gift. So glad you were there. Susan
    June 2, 2009  12:35 am
  3. Jeannette said:
    Breathtaking! As was the whole day!
    June 3, 2009  12:10 am
  4. Paul, you completely captured the joy of the day. These are extraordinary.
    June 3, 2009  12:19 am
  5. Helen said:
    Beautiful, worthy of the fabulous Tina.
    August 2, 2009  9:22 am
  6. Stevo said:
    Thanks Paul,
    In Pakistan right now and returning to Afghanistan soon. I'm never that far away now that I have your slide show. It helps a great deal.
    August 10, 2009  3:49 pm
Kate Sica and Eric Pfeifle were married at the Rancho La Quinta Country Club on a spectacular day in desert. Thank you Cathy and Dorry at Celebrations of Joy for all her help!

For a slide show from their day click here or the image below.

  1. Joan Sica said:
    We so enjoyed meeting you this past weekend. I have watched the slideshow at least 20 times and still cry every time I see it. You truly captured the day for us. I also loved the fact that the scenery and light enhanced Kate & Eric instead of stealing the spotlight. You are amazing. Thanks for flying across the country to photograph their special day. Joan Sica
    May 21, 2009  3:21 pm
  2. Kim Mucci said:
    Paul: I just wanted to say that the pictures you took of Kate and Eric's wedding are stunning! We were unable to attend the wedding but by watching the slideshow (numerous times) we feel like we were there. You captured the love they have for one another and the joy on their faces is priceless! We look forward to seeing the completed album! Kim Mucci
    May 28, 2009  9:56 am
  3. Kate Pfeifle said:
    Paul, Thank you for these amazing pictures! Eric and I are so grateful that you captured our special day. We will cherish these pictures for a lifetime. You are a true talent! Many, many thanks!!! Kate and Eric.
    June 4, 2009  12:47 pm
  4. Fran Pfeifle said:
    Paul, as mother of the bride (Lauren) and the groom (Eric), i am thrilled with all the pictures. You are amazing and I continue to cry over Lauren & Scott's (11/15/08) and Eric and Kates (5/16/09). You are part of our family! Thank you so much for beautifully capturing every special moment.
    June 4, 2009  2:36 pm
  5. Jenny Rosell said:
    Paul, your pictures are beautiful! I especially loved the one with the fireworks. Congratulations Kate and Eric, we are so happy for you!
    June 7, 2009  2:06 pm
  6. Katie Kildebeck said:
    What amazing pictures - they bring back such great memories of a beautiful day! Congratulations Eric (Pfeife!) and Kate! Thanks for including us in your special occassion.
    June 10, 2009  12:13 am
  7. Paul--It was great to meet you at the wedding! The photos are amazing. Truly amazing. Every picture looks like it belongs on the cover of a magazine!

    Congratulations again, Kate and Eric!!!

    June 10, 2009  4:54 am
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In my travels for the White House took me to over 60 countries around the world and in each place Lauren Pfeifle was there to help me. Either getting me the right credential or access to a unique shooting location she was always fantastic. So when asked to cover her wedding to Scott Willis in Austin, Texas at the Barton Creek Resort and Spa I said I would be honored. Besides seeing good friends it was the chance to eat some great Tex-Mex food at places such as Gueros and enjoy Texas hospitality. Thank you Angela Valek for your help on the shoot!

To view a slide show of Lauren and Scott’s wedding click the image below.

  1. maura Montellano said:
    {img}7_68{/img} how did you take this picture? what were your settings? it's GORGEOUS!!! i have a terrible time with night photography.
    April 13, 2009  10:05 pm
  2. Paul Morse said:
    Thanks! It was taken with a 24mm f/1.4 right at dusk. The exposure was: ISO: 500, Aperture: 1.4,
    Shutter: 1/50. Because the light was falling the lights in the trees showed up really well and the lamps on the trees lit the couple. It was all hand held.

    Take care,

    April 13, 2009  10:05 pm

In this political season I think it’s great when two parties can come together to for a common purpose. In this case it was the marriage of Dana and Tom Manatos in Pittsburgh, PA on July 19, 2008. I knew Dana from working for President Bush and she asked me to photograph her marriage to Tom who currently works for Speaker Pelosi. Dana now works at her family business Edward Marc Chocolatier which supplied the reception with every kind of chcolate you could imagine!

At her time at the White House Dana would do advance work for the President and brought the same level of organization to her wedding right down to the “mini” schedule listing everything from the ceremony time to who should be in the family photos. It was a huge help!

For a slide show of Dana and Tom’s wedding click the image below.

  1. paul, how do not get a silohuette on this! the one with them in the granite hallway? i can't seem to get light on my subjects. did you use a softbox or something?
    May 8, 2009  8:52 pm
  2. Paul Morse said:
    There was a large skylight behind me at the start of the hallway that helped light them plus some overhead light fixtures added a bit of light.
    May 8, 2009  8:52 pm